Chaos Main

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Artwork Details


Chaos Main


December 2018

Medium: Digital
Software: Procreate, Inkpad, Illustrator


The enemy are waiting at spawn for the match to start. You stand right outside their door, spamming 'Hello' and doing dancing emotes. Your team members beg you not to overextend, but you ignore them.
As the spawn doors open, you don't shoot. You just keep acting friendly with the enemy. 'Switch!' and 'Thrower' are lobbed at you in the chat box. It doesn't matter. You lure the enemy's supports over to dance together… and then bomb them to oblivion.
You're a chaos main. There is a method to your madness. You're a mastery of strategy and psychology. You use your talents to low defences, distract enemies, and lure them into traps. Your plans can easily turn the tide of a battle.
Chaos mains are important. Nobody should forget that. And they won’t, if this Chaos Main design is splashed across your shirt or a strategically-positioned sticker. This artwork was lovingly crafted by me, Jessica Amber, and features a red bundle of lit dynamite. Wrapped around the dynamite and tied in a bow is a white banner which says 'Chaos Main'. The goal I had for this design was to be bright, bold, and worthy of representing chaotic players all over the world. Wear your role with pride - you have earned it!

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