Dyed Hair Don't Care Illustration

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Dyed Hair Don't Care Illustration


Nov/Dec 2018

Medium: Digital
Software: Procreate 4


You had normal-coloured hair. You got bored. Needed a change. One that smacks other people right in their visual cortex. Whatever. It’s just hair. But it’s YOUR hair, and you’re gonna do whatever YOU want to it - even bathing it in god-knows-what chemicals until it bends (and okay, maybe sometimes, breaks) to your will.

Now your hair is neon, colorful, a gorgeous rainbow. You’re stoked. Everyone is looking. Some are loving. Some are hating. Some are making it their mission to nag you into follicular submission. Not today, bud!

So you give them a deadpan look and point to your t-shirt/sticker/other awesome Redbubble item, and the message is clear:
​Dyed hair, don’t care!
Designed with love [and semi-permanent dye] by Jessica Amber, to be as bold and vibrant as your latest ‘do.

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