I am a Gemini, no question about it. I fit a lot of the stereotypes of this star sign... being in love with words and language, being as flighty as the wind, and having the hardest time making up my mind about anything, even something as minor as what to have for lunch. I can always see two or more sides of every story, which can be great for debating, but it can be bad too - what are my real opinions and beliefs??
Digital portrait of an angel and a demon perfectly balanced, representing the Gemini zodiac sign. Artwork by Jessica Amber 2018.Picture
Gemini Soul, 2018
In the wake of my internal conflict, I came up with the first version of this artwork in 2018, showing the good side and the evil side of my Gemini personality. There was also a heavy dose of my affection for space imagery, in the use of a planet, sun, and galaxy texture.

However, this artwork gained little traction on my Redbubble, despite my personal thoughts that it was one of the best pieces I'd done at the time.

​In 2019 I came back to this artwork and re-evaluated it. My revised opinion was that the image looked cluttered. There were definitely aspects I wanted to change. Reducing the amount of texture, changing the shading, cleaning up the linework, and restricting the colour pallete. And most egregious, this image was not a large enough size pixel-wise to suit many print-on-demand websites. So, I reworked the design.
I reduced the colour scheme to red, black, white and grey, with a tiny hint of light blue. I made the two halves of the girl have the same  hair colour, to better illustrate that they are actually two sides of the same person. I did a lot of minor adjustments to the line art, making it cleaner. And I replaced the space imagery with a yes / no motif, which I think captures that inner struggle I was trying to convey.

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