Support Main Pixel Art

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Support Main Pixel Art


Medium: Digital
Software: Pixaki


There’s only one minute left in the match. Your DPS are getting focused down, so you pocket your sniper while staying in cover. She’s taking fire, but you’re out-healing it by the skin of your teeth. She pops off and gets a quad kill, sealing victory for your team. The chat lights up with praise… for the sniper. Not one positive word for you.
You’re the hard-working support main. People don’t normally notice or appreciate your contributions to the team. The DPS gets the spotlight, while you’re off in the shadows.
But I see you. You do matter. I’m a support main too, logging over 140 hours as Mercy in Overwatch. And what I’ve learned, chasing down Genji after over-extending Genji, is that a team lives or dies by the quality of its support players. Their ability to read a battlefield, prioritise, position, and react, is what can make the difference between defeat and victory.
So yes, support main, you are important. Nobody should forget that. And they won’t, if this Support Main design is popping up on your t-shirt or a strategically-positioned sticker. This pixel artwork was lovingly crafted by me, Jessica Amber, and features a syringe filled with a healing orange and yellow liquid. Wrapped around the needle is a white banner which says 'Support Main'. The syringe is surrounded with orange plus signs. The goal I had for this design was to be bright, bold, and worthy of representing support players all over the world. Wear your role with pride - you have earned it!

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